Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tips to help you get active

Tips to help you get active

  • Choose a variety of physical activities you enjoy. Try different activities until you find the ones that feel right for you.
  • Get into a routine — go to the pool, hit the gym, join a spin class or set a regular run and do some planned exercise. Make it social by getting someone to join you.
  • Limit the time you spend watching TV or sitting in front of a computer during leisure time.
  • Move yourself — use active transportation to get places. Whenever you can, walk, bike, or run instead of taking the car.
  • Spread your sessions of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity throughout the week. Do at least 10 minutes of physical activity at a time.
  • Join a team — take part in sports and recreation activities in groups. You’ll make new friends and get active at the same time.
  • Set a goal
  • Make a plan
  • Pick a time & place
  • Every step counts

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