Tuesday, 13 November 2012

When the economy is ok the belly would be happy

XFT has logged over 3 Billion miles (5 Billion Kilometers) of successful engine operation. This equates to over 65 million hours of engine run time with XFT in the tank. It is amazingly effective and perfectly safe. It’s an ideal product for both individuals and business owners, and Syntek Global is pleased to make it available to all those seeking to reach a higher level of income and achieve their dreams.
XFT is patented and time-tested, previously used for over 20 years by large industrial companies and sold in large 55 gallon drums. But now, XFT is available to the general public in small inexpensive bottles and foil packs for their daily use.

What It Does

XFT utilizes a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING chemistry to bring you the most effective solution available. It has multiple patents, which means nobody has what we have, and no other product does what XFT does. Because Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a comprehensive approach, it would take many products mixed together to even come close to giving you the same benefits!

Prolongs Engine Life and Reduces Wear

Xtreme Fuel Treatment uses a combination of ingredients that work together to prolong the life of your engine. Detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization retardants work together to keep things clean and running smoother. The result is that the moving parts of the engine and fuel system have less friction, run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain. Reducing these costs means more money to put towards you and your families goals and dreams.

Increases Fuel Economy

Xtreme Fuel Treatment contains an oil-soluble organo-metallic compound which functions as a "burn rate modifier" and a "catalyst". It lowers the ignition point of fuel by several hundred degrees...about 400 degrees to be more exact! Put simply, this means that it creates a longer, better burn, which allows your engine to burn much more of the injected fuel, instead of sending unused fuel out the exhaust as pollutants and emissions. This means, using less fuel, providing you better fuel economy. The cleaning process also removes carbon build up, enabling the engine to run smoother, and your vehicle to drive better for longer, again, money saved! You also save money at the pump with XFT as its properties allow those using higher octane fuel to use a lower octane, saving them even more right at the pump!

Reduces Harmful Emissions and Pollutants

One very important benefit of using Xtreme Fuel Treatment is that it reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced by your vehicle by up to 33%. As we have said, it improves the combustion process in the engine which in turn reduces the harmful emissions produced. Reducing up to 1/3 of your vehicle's emissions is a significant way to make a meaningful difference for the air quality of our world, and make a difference for the environment, protecting the future of our children.

Why Does This Product Work So Well?

The oil-soluble organo-metallic compound found in Xtreme Fuel Treatment simply means it can easily mix with other oil-based products evenly without any problems of separation or an uneven concentration in the fuel. If you use a pill or tablet form of an additive, it must dissolve and be dispersed through the fuel tank before it can even get into your engine and by the time the tablet or pill is completely dissolved you've already burned through precious amounts of fuel. Xtreme Fuel Treatment makes sure every drop of fuel is treated before it burns in your engine.