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Healthy drinks

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Definition of a Healthy Energy Drink

By Steve.

While others consider one drink healthy, another may consider that drink not fit for consumption! What would a reasonable drink with the title healthy energy drink consist of? Before you go out searching online, you may want to consider the old saying; " One man's meat is another man's poison."
First of all, besides taste, is it true that what is good for the goose is good for the gander? If it is healthy for one person, would it also be healthy for someone who has diabetes or some other ailment? Of course not, and to compare on that level is not wise. Diabetics and others have special needs, and this article is for those who have been given a clean bill of health by their medical professional.
First things first. Sugar is in a lot of so called healthy energy drinks nowadays. When I say sugar I mean regular processed sugar, the same thing found in those sugary soft drinks. Would you put that into a drink in any large amount and call it a healthy energy drink ? No. Those huge shots of sugar you get in some drinks will actually make you drowsy. Studies show there is little to be gotten from a large dose of sugar except the "sugar rush. It is gone in about fifteen minutes, this ingredient is not something you would find in large amounts in a truly healthy energy drink. The monstrous amounts of sugar in some drinks will literally eat your teeth. Dentists have presented a test of energy drinks to the American Association for Dental Research and proved that the more popular ones dissolve the enamel of teeth worse than coke.
The same goes for caffeine. A lot of caffeine can give you problems. A recent example is the young european girl who took five shots of espresso and ended up with a trip to the local hospital. The newer energy drinks have a healthier replacement for the caffeine called guarana. It is similar to the uplifting effect you can get from chocolate. Theobromine is what gives you its boost in the chocolate, NOT caffeine as many seem to be saying nowadays. Guarana is chemically related to theobromine, not caffeine, and is safer to drink than caffeine. Guarana helps with mental acuity, good for students who are tired, but trying to study. For those who use their energy drink before a workout, caffeine is also a diuretic, and large doses can help to cause dehydration, a very undesirable side effect for someone who is involved in a workout. When you look for a healthy energy drink, look for guarana, not caffeine, and you will be doing your health a favor.
Vitamins are always good right? No. A vitamin that is not water soluble (dissolves in water) can build up inside your body to toxic levels. Luckily, the ones found in good healthy energy drinks are usually B vitamins, and are water soluble. They can be flushed out naturally by your body should that need arise. A nice side effect of B vitamins is it helps to keep your DNA working right. They also help in the formation of red blood cells. They are a catalyst to your cells by helping them to use energy. A so called "healthy energy drink" without B vitamins is like a tiger without teeth. Make sure your drink has B vitamins.
Natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones are desirable in a superior healthy energy drink. Unnatural lab copies of natural things have yet to convince me they are better. The raging battle over artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, are raging for a reason. Aspartame in particular is transformed by our bodies into something called formic acid. If you have ever been bitten by a fire ant, that little ant put a small amount of formic acid in you, and it burned. Stay away from aspartame, just like you would those pesky fire ants. Absolutely NO artificial sweeteners will be found in a good healthy energy drink. Artificial preservatives should be kept to a minimum also.
As a summary, natural things have been and will be better for you. When you read the ingredient label for your prospective healthy energy drink, and it has a bunch of those mile long names you can hardly read, much less pronounce, just say no. Natural is what you are. You were not created in a laboratory, so look for an energy drink that is made like you are. I can speak from my experience, it feels much better.
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